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This page is provided by the IT department to answer to some common questions.

For further technical information, call the IT Help Desk at extension 2049.



  • Beside making phone calls, the LACC phones can also be used to access the LACC Voicemail system.
  • If you need to find a LACC extension number or email, use the Campus Phone Directory.


    Placing Calls
    There are several ways to place calls:
  • Lift the handset and dial the number.
  • Press the Line button and dial the number.
  • Press the Speaker button and dial the number. If somebody answer, pick up the handset to talk.


    Dialing a Number
  • To call a phone inside campus, dial only the extension number (last four digits of the phone number).
  • To call a phone number inside the 323 area code, dial 9 before dialing the number.
  • To call a phone number outside the 323 area code, dial the operator at extension 2030.


    Basic Features
    The most common features are indicated below. There are several phone models in campus. Look at the tutorials for specific model details.
  • Footstand button: It is located on the side of the phone. Press to release the footstand.
  • Line button: Open the line to make or receive calls.
  • Hold button: During a call, press Hold to put current call on hold or take a call off hold.
  • Transfer button: During a call, press the Transfer, dial the number. When the party answers, announce the call and press Transfer. Then, hang up. Press Hold to stop the transfer.
  • Settings button: Press the Settings to adjust handset, speaker and ringer volume, ringer type and LCD screen contrast.
  • Messages (Msgs) button: If you have a non-shared phone, press the Messages to access the Voicemail system.
  • Conference (Conf) button: Initiate a conference call.
  • Forward (CFwdAll) button: Redirect all your incoming calls to another extension.
    The calls will ring in the other extension but the voice mails are still recorded in the original original number. Remember to unforward your phone by forwarding it back to your extension number.



    Forcing the Footstand will Break it
    Instructions for models 7910, 7940 and 7960
    [Phone showing the foodstand button]